Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tips for Africa

For class today we read a few articles outlining some tips for capturing good photos in Africa.  Here are a few tips that I especially find relevant:

(1) This may be kind of elementary, but maintaining a low ISO should be your first priority in obtaining sharper images.  After setting the lowest ISO possible you can then build the shutter speed and aperture setting around it.

(2) Bean bags are incredibly helpful to keep the camera still.  While it obviously will not take the place of tripods in many settings, bean bags are helpful during safaris when you're primarily staying in a vehicle.

(3) Feel free to overexpose a little (+2/3) for most subjects, exceptions include darker animals, backlit birds, and a scenes with a high dynamic range.

(4) Most of the time the use of a flash will be unnecessary.  Reflection on the eyes of mammals is an issue.  However, it can be helpful when shooting birds.

(5) Bring a screwdriver

Of course there were a whole slew of tips on expensive and more expensive equipment, most of which is not relevant as all I have currently is a point and shoot camera.  If I do end up buying a lower end DSLR, I know that lenses are far more important than the camera itself and telephoto lenses are the way to go for shooting wildlife in Africa.


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